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True wealth is found in the

well-being of the web of life

We stand before the challenge of regenerating the biological and social systems of our planet, but also before the great possibility of well-being, abundance and justice for all forms of life.

Regenerative development brings together a set of principles to transform the relationship of human beings with the places where they live and interact, and thus restore the balance of ecosystems.


Development is not about financial wealth but about the ability to collaborate with a living and dynamic planet to generate physical and emotional sustenance for all forms of life.

True wealth is found in the well-being of the web of life.

At Regenerative Costa Rica we weave the conditions that enable the transition towards a regenerative development model.

The political-economic design in which we live is offensive against nature and ignores that the potential of human beings derives entirely from the well-being of the web of life.

However, there is a different path. One in which we design as part of nature, doing what life does best: creating conditions for more life to thrive.

We believe that our country has the potential to be an example to the world that demonstrates that abundance, well-being and justice are possible when we act once again as part of the web of life.



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Creates conditions conducive to life.

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Recovers planetary capacity by restoring its diversity, complexity and creativity

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Reconnects humans and nature

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Encourages communities to develop a shared vision of the places where they live and work.

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Strengthens the authenticity and essence of a place.

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Has a holistic and transdisciplinary approach, building on the interrelationships that make up life systems.


"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.

On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

-Arundhati Roy 

Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship

The certificate is a 16-month program structured around the 6 pillars of regeneration. The series of webinars taught by renowned global leaders in regeneration seeks to prepare students in the use of new methodologies to address the complex problems of our times through holistic projects that drive the shift towards the new regenerative paradigm.


Local Governance for Bioinnovation

This component reinforces autonomous governance in the country's bio-regions. Through participatory processes, the project identifies and articulates the most urgent demands to propose solutions regarding natural regeneration, ecosystem services, socio-economic equity, productive landscapes management and climate adaptation.


Regenerative Agriculture and Food Security

This component seeks to regenerate damaged soils and at the same time provide a long-term and local source of food. Currently, it works mainly through community and family ecological garden projects, and with chicken and egg production systems. The project also seeks to drive local economies by providing additional income, job opportunities, and small business entrepreneurship.


Holistic Livestock Management

The CR Hub promotes Holistic Livestock Management through education and consultancies. The objective of the Hub is to transform the livestock business towards regenerative practices that recover soils, increase economic benefits and improve ecosystem processes.


Regenerative Real Estate Development

Costa Rica Regenerativa provides advice and collaboration on the regenerative and holistic aspects of planning, implementing and operating visionary and environmentally responsible real estate development.


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Regenerate Costa Rica is an initiative by the University for International Cooperation.


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