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Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship

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The planetary crisis we are facing requires the ability to manage complexity, but education remains oriented to reductionist models that box disciplines.


We need transdisciplinary and holistic educational models that are up to the challenges of our time.

We are the first university program in the regenerative developing world with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the 6 pillars of regeneration: environment, society, politics, economics, culture and spirituality.

We help co-create a better future for all forms of life to prosper. We are pioneers in promoting innovative regenerative development projects. We also contribute to creating true and pragmatic solutions to solve the most challenging problems that put our planetary life at risk.

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"I feel a enormous heat at this moment, we all have deep desires, fears, and we demand so much of ourselves, but here we are, taking a step that not many take. Thinking beyond ourselves: even with our challenges, we are going to think about that collective responsibility, in actions full of intention and love, making unpopular decisions, but with the awareness that we are doing it to heal the damage of years to the planet and other valuable species. This course has been the best place to feel inspired, informed and welcomed."

- Karina Víquez
(Graduated from the Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship

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The certificate consists of ten units.  It begins the program with the current context and a recognition of the global challenges we face. It uses the conceptual framework of the nine planetary boundaries and the great acceleration to understand where we are. 


It continues with the concepts of complexity and the importance of changing the way we view reality and the systems that drive us in order to find long-term solutions that ensure the safe operating space for all life forms and the nature on which humanity depends. 


The development of the units follows the 6 pillars of regeneration and includes topics such as entrepreneurship, education and innovation.

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“The world we share has been given to us in trust. Every decision regarding the land, air and water that surrounds us should be made with the aim of preserving them for all generations to come. "

—August A. Bush III.