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Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship

Online program

Start date: January 9th, 2023

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The planetary crisis we are facing requires the ability to manage complexity, but education remains oriented to reductionist models that box disciplines.


We need transdisciplinary and holistic educational models that are up to the challenges of our time.

This is how the Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship was born in 2019, under UCI's founder leadership Eduard Müller, as a transdisciplinary program to co-create a better future for all forms of life. This innovative program is part of the Costa Rica Regenerativa initiative, as a way to transform education towards the regenerative paradigm.

We are the first university program in the regenerative developing world with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the 6 pillars of regeneration: environment, society, politics, economics, culture and spirituality.

We help co-create a better future for all forms of life to prosper. We are pioneers in promoting innovative regenerative development projects. We also contribute to creating true and pragmatic solutions to solve the most challenging problems that put our planetary life at risk.

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"This program was an invitation to open your eyes and hearts to the shifts and adaptions in the search of a more regenerative life"

- Ethel "Kuki" Araya (Graduated from the Certificate in Regenerative Entrepreneurship 2019).

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The certificate consists of four modules: Discover, Transform, Connect and Transcend. These modules can be taken according to the interest of each participant, but it is recommended to take the complete program due to the variety of complementary topics that are deepened in the four modules.


The methodology of the program includes weekly live sessions with high-level speakers, guided reflection sessions, development of a regenerative project with 1:1 mentoring and additional resources that will allow all the knowledge acquired and built collectively with the other participants to be put into practice.


The development of the modules follows the six pillars of regeneration and includes key topics and tools around systems thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

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Check this video about the closing reunion of the Certificate 2019 edition in Costa Rica.

Are you ready to join a community of passionate regenerators?


“The world we share has been given to us in trust. Every decision regarding the land, air and water that surrounds us should be made with the aim of preserving them for all generations to come. "

—August A. Bush III.

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