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Our Sense: COP 26

It seems ironic to think that 200 countries and 8 billion people, want to continue having a planet to live on, and at the same time it is so difficult to agree and come up with stable and true solutions. We are at a point where it does not work just to talk about the problem and create awareness, this is something that has already been done and it was a good start. Now it is our turn to present solutions and rather than talking about what is wrong, it is time to take action.

It generates sadness and concern to understand that we cannot depend on the current governments to live with stability and see results. This is our planet, the planet of all living beings. It is our responsibility, as conscious and intelligent beings, to make the decision to act, without waiting for someone else to solve for us. As mentioned above, the planet is ours.

We understand today, more than ever, that political, cultural, religious, generational, etc., barriers and divisions are not so important when we talk about solutions to climate change. This is everyone's problem, no matter where we were born or what we believe in. Climate change unites us as humanity and opens our eyes to understand that results will come when we work together, as we all have the same purpose. Today we are also aware that the solutions lie not only in economic investment, but that we are talking about holistic solutions. We return to work in a more human way, hand in hand with faith and spirituality and from the highest and strongest frequency: love.

As humanity, we have improved in many aspects but ironically we have regressed in others. There comes a time when we go back to observe and analyze how our ancestors worked, and imitate their good practices. Technological advances work, as long as they do not leave aside the ways of working that give positive results, such as Regenerative Agriculture.

Congruent with the vigilant mission towards the conservation of the Environment, we have attended the COP 26 conferences and the analysis carried out by UBIQUITY University. We present our impressions in the following infographic.

Sabrina Barton, Content Writer, Costa Rica Regenerativa.

Adriana Morales, Web & Graphics Designer, Costa Rica Regenerativa.

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"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.

On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

-Arundhati Roy 

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