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Let's talk about regeneration!


Regenerative production flourishes at Hojancha Professional Technical College

Seedbed of a people hungry for success!

CTP Hojancha has everything necessary to dream big, an enviable farm, a united administrative team, proactive, creative and with a great openness to innovation.

In the last six months the Regenerative Costa Rica project has generated great support to several important agricultural activities, which are developed in partnership with this educational center.

The objective is to develop regenerative agricultural models, which include organic horticultural production, production in controlled environments, biotechnology laboratory, bio factory of organic inputs, ornamental nursery, honey bee production and regenerative animal production, thus creating an Integral Regenerative Agricultural Center. These projects will serve as a business and practical example for the students, as well as a supply of organic inputs for producers in the area.

Currently the project is harvesting some short-cycle foods, produced in controlled environments and in the outdoor garden, such as lettuce, mustard, basil, chard, pak choi. In addition, in the biotechnology laboratory we are reproducing and strengthening Trichoderma asperellum sepae, which is a fungus for biological control, antagonist of pathogenic fungi, it also activates the root growth of plants and strengthens them.

The changes generated are radical and very noticeable, there is a great hope to return to use the agricultural areas and infrastructure of the institution, which before abandoned only generated frustration in the teachers and total disinterest of the students for agricultural activities.

In addition, this project generates the great opportunity to work in an integral way with the technical specialties of the CTP such as agroecology, agroindustry and ecological tourism, which will generate a very diversified vision for the business students that have potential in the area.

January 21st, 2022

José Mario González Portilla

Regenerative Costa Rica Program

Project Coordinator Technical Professional School of Hojancha

Tel: 8313-9736

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Regenerate Costa Rica is an initiative by the University for International Cooperation.

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